Zumobi Amazon.com Giveaway Winners!

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When we first announced that Zumobi had partnered with us to reward ten lucky people with a free $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com, I don’t think we were expecting such a response - man, you guys like free stuff! Unfortunately, only ten could win, but who knows, maybe we’ll do more of these in the future. For now, here are your ten winners:

Steve McBayne
Rickey Grant
Carson Yoder
Tom Webster
Richard Bolman
Steve Lundy
Sandra Mendoza
Michael Anthony
Rel Rogers
Jessica Perron

Each winner should now have been contacted by BBCool and Zumobi; if not, please post a comment to let us know. Thanks to everyone who participated, and a big thanks to Zumobi, for helping us take care of our peeps.

2 Responses to “Zumobi Amazon.com Giveaway Winners!”

  1. 1 jessica perron

    My name is on your list and I am not sure if it is me! I would like a response please. Thanks, Jessica

  2. 2 Cindy

    Hi Jessica - all emails confirming prizes were sent out on July 31. I will resend the original email today to “Jessica Perron,” so if it is you, you’ll receive it again. Hope this helps!

    Cindy (Zumobi)

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