Vayyoo’s vPosting takes mobile communication to the next level


Recently, you may have heard about Vayyoo and their vPost solution, which enables BlackBerry users to capture pictures, voice, text, and location (via GPS) through one single user interface. Our sister site QuicklyBored has been displaying it’s potential as both a restaurant review device and blogging tool. We were so enamored with Vayyoo’s solution that we signed an exclusive agreement to use vPosting for the majority of our CTIA coverage (sorry Ronen).

However, vPosting is much more than a simple consumer application, it’s a new medium for mobile communication. Before we start vPosting like crazy all over CTIA, we thought we should take the time to fully explain what Vayyoo can do.

vPost can be thought of as a mobile social networking medium that easily integrates with existing social networks, blogs, enterprise IT systems and any other internet databases; essentially, it is a mechanism for mobile data-capture and collaboration.

While the vPost client application is easy to use for consumer purposes, it also has the advanced functionality and security to meet enterprise needs as a business grade solution. Here are a list of some of the benefits vPosting can provide in the enterprise space:

We’ll be talking about Vayyoo and vPosting a lot more in the near future. For now, head to Vayyoo’s vPost website to learn more and make sure to follow all our CTIA coverage powered by vPost!

3 Responses to “Vayyoo’s vPosting takes mobile communication to the next level”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    Why does this article refer to it as a consumer application, I went to the site and didn’t see anyway to sign up and use it..only if I had a business that was interested in using it, then it would give me an email to request a rep to contact me.

  2. 2 Simon

    Yeah, I’d say Spotjots is a more consumer-friendly version of vPost.

  3. 3 Kyle

    An open beta of vPost is not yet available for mass consumer consumption. Please be patient as we strategize the best ways possible to release and support a consumer beta. FYI, Spotjots is consumerish but, IMO, does not quite cut it in terms of intuitively capturing data. For bloggers, check newer posts on BBcool & quickly bored to see how McInnes & Soltys are using vPost to revolutionize the way blogging works. If you fill out the form on and say that you want to use it from a consumer perspective i will do my best to ensure that we set you up with some accounts in return for testimonial and feedback. Suggestions?

    Kyle Kemper
    Director of Marketing - Vayyoo Inc.

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