Ascendent Voice Mobility Suite certified by Sprint

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Ascendent, a subsidiary of RIM, announced the certification of Voice Mobility Suite 4.5 by Sprint today, which means that fixed mobile convergence is coming to Sprint enterprise BlackBerry users. Ascendent VMS v4.5 integrates with BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) Services on the BES to provide menu-driven desk phone features and give IT admins better control of their mobile usage and costs.

“As more organizations look to ‘cut the cord,’ they will be looking for a solution that seamlessly leverages their existing telephony infrastructure while providing the capabilities and controls afforded by the BlackBerry platform and Ascendent VMS,” said Theron Dodson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ascendent Systems. “Sprint and Ascendent Systems have enjoyed a longstanding partnership and we’re pleased to be working together to bring this next-generation solution to customers.”

Exciting news for Sprint subscribers looking to trash their land line and go full BlackBerry. Does anyone out there currently use Ascendent’s VMS 4.5 at their company? What’s the most important fixed mobile convergence feature for you?

Ascendent VMS enables mobile workers to have one enterprise phone number, consolidated voicemail and easy access to desk phone features on any mobile device. When Ascendent VMS is integrated with BlackBerry MVS, an even more optimized and intuitive experience is enabled as desk phone features are built into the visual menus of the BlackBerry phone application. With a simple click, users can transfer a call, dial the extension of a colleague or seamlessly move a call between their desk phone and their BlackBerry smartphone.

With BlackBerry MVS, IT and telecom administrators can also now allow mobile workers to use their BlackBerry smartphones as a securely authenticated mobile desk phone and gain more control over how mobile phones are used. Administrators have the ability to control and set ‘voice’ policies so that incoming and outbound calls made from a BlackBerry smartphone are routed through the corporate PBX. Users can be automatically authenticated to help ensure that only authorized users are making calls through the corporate phone system and that mobile calls can be logged. This feature is important for organizations that require calls to be logged for audit and compliance purposes.

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