EU to reduce roaming text message cost, can we get that too?


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Good news today for Europeans and International travelers as the cost of sending text messages abroad is about to get much cheaper. The European Commission has proposed to reduce the price of roaming text messages by 60% as of 1 July 2009. EU citizens travelling in other EU countries should pay no more than €0.11 per SMS compared to the current EU average of €0.29, and roaming customers should also receive an automatic message with data roaming charges for the country they have entered.

“Europe, through its GSM standard, made mobile telephony attractive across the globe. It is now time to demonstrate that there is a truly single telecoms market in which consumers can use their mobile phone in all 27 EU countries without being punished when crossing a border,” said José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. “If we get this done quickly we will see tremendous growth in SMS and data services, and send a message that lower roaming charges can be a win-win situation for all.”

In addition to this, the European Commission is also looking to reduce price caps for roaming phone calls from €0.46 for calls made abroad and €0.22 for calls received abroad to €0.34 for calls made abroad and to €0.10 for calls received abroad by 1 July 2012. It’s great to see a governing body so progressive in not allowing its citizens to be price gouged. Hey, Canada was once a British colony - can we still join the EU?

(via CN)