BlackBerry Javelin to feature OS 4.7, fix Javascript issues

BlackBerry Javelin 8900

I know that many of you in the BlackBerry Nation have just gotten your hands on OS 4.5, and unless you’re packing a BlackBerry Bold (like us), haven’t even seen OS 4.6 yet. But the time has come to start talking about OS 4.7, which we’ve heard will make its debut with the BlackBerry Javelin, otherwise known as the BlackBerry 8900.

While we haven’t heard much about the incremental updates OS 4.7 will feature over the current BlackBerry Bold OS, we do know that it will feature an update to the BlackBerry Browser which should fix the Javascript issues which currently plague the BlackBerry Bold. This news falls in line with earlier reports that with the 4.6 version of the BlackBerry Browser, RIM had focused on stability over speed, and would be looking to optimize performance in future versions.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hopes of telling you more about OS 4.7. For now, check out all known BlackBerry Javelin specs and a list of related articles after the jump.

BlackBerry Javelin 8900 rumored specifications:

* 512 MHz processor
* 256 MB flash memory
* Hot-swappable microSD slot under battery door
* 480 x 360 display
* 3.2 MP camera
* High-speed MicroUSB port

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11 Responses to “BlackBerry Javelin to feature OS 4.7, fix Javascript issues”

  1. 1 Ty

    Ohhh, I keep seeing specs without 3G in the list. If that’s really true, I won’t be getting it. Sad, but true.

  2. 2 Bryan

    I like the way the Javelin looks and hope that VZW will actually get the Niagra. That would stop me from getting the Storm / Thunder.

    However, I wish they’d put the 3G and WiFi on it and still keep it on VZW, but I know VZW won’t do that. And I think that the Javelin / Niagra needs to have a boost on the on-board memory and processor, should be just like the Bold, possibly even WORLD Edition!

    That’d be awesome! And I’d definitely be getting one for myself and the wife!

  3. 3 James

    pretty sure it will get WIFI, but probably not 3G. i’ll be getting one as there isn’t any 3G where I am.

  4. 4 Stop-N-Go

    Might want to check your source on the 4.7. All Jav’s are using 4.6 as I type this.

  5. 5 Michael

    The new screen would be nice to have but I see no point in upgrading from my Curve unless the Javelin has 3G. I have a 6 GB data plan that allows tethering and tethering is what I want to do!

  6. 6 js

    Ditto - so far they’re all using - 4.6.1.x

  7. 7 Blackberry Overdose

    Very nice.. thank u for the information, i posted it on my site.. you can check the site out it has some nice themes, free & not as well as some breaking news and other goodies.
    -Mike @BBOD

  8. 8 hugh jogg

    Anyone who isn’t gettin this cuz it doesn’t have 3G is a fag….. This javelin looks WAY better than the mongoloid Bold, better camera,newer OS,thinner,and not as expensive…not to mention 3G sucks(look at at&t- not mentioned in top 4 networks)…. 3G is overrated, this phone is amazing, and any naysayers are pole smokers

  9. 9 par

    I can’t play music from online it say I need to down load java script what I need to do help me please

  10. 10 Z MAN

    Does anyone now when this is going to come out?

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