BlackBerrys make fantasy sports better

It’s interesting how some worlds and demographics can overlap so easy. For example, I am a BlackBerry fanatic, but I also live and breathe sports (go Raptors, Habs, Bears, Jays, Tottenham Hotspurs!!). Reuters has an interesting feature today on technology spurring the growth of fantasy sports, and it appears the BlackBerry is playing a significant role:

If Scott Troetel is out with friends when the Indianapolis Colts are playing, he often reaches for his Blackberry to check how running back Joseph Addai is doing. But Troetel, who is 32 and lives in Boulder, Colorado, is not particularly interested in the Colts. Addai’s performance is crucial to “Addai in the Life,” Troetel’s fantasy football team.

It should be noted that there is a lot of money being made off fantasy sports and the BlackBerry space is no exception. Who is in first place? Companies like good BBCool friend 4Info, who expects that 15% of the 500 million text messages they’ll send out this year will be to people seeking sports results to feed into their fantasy sports teams.

Question time, folks: do you love your BlackBerry and sports? If so, how do you use your BlackBerry to stay up to date on all the latest news?

(via Reuters)

5 Responses to “BlackBerrys make fantasy sports better”

  1. 1 blackberry_addict

    “how do you use your BlackBerry to stay up to date on all the latest news”

    one word: Viigo

  2. 2 Scott

    I have been looking for a decent app to track scores, standings & news and I have yet to find exactly what I want. Ideally I would like something that is pushed to my BB… Viigo does OK with this…if they could get everything looking like what they have set up for the CFL (it looks like they are working on it). The ESPN link is good…but again…it is a mobile site and not pushed.

  3. 3 SaveTheChicken

    I use my viigo RSS reader to keep up on my fantasy players aswell as through the browser!!!

  4. 4 Hudey

    Baseball fanatic, Angels fan in particular. The link is amazing. One click and I have the scoreboard up for all games, then one more click to see page 2 of the scores (they should get all of the scores on one page in my opinion). You can drill down into every game and get box scores and even “watch” the action of a game with just a bit of a delay, with your BB updating the game’s info every 15 or 30 seconds. You also have news, stats, and pictures links right there on the home screen. Works flawlessly!

    Viigo is okay, but in my opinion the only thing it does really well is it’s original news reader.

  5. 5 ryan

    i downloaded the espn app and can get right into my fantasy team from there…espn is our host for our league.

    it is not ideal for a mobile device but it is as close as i have seen yet.

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