Flowfinity launches Flowfinity Actions 5.5 (BlackBerry Bytes)

Flowfinity, a wireless enterprise solutions provider, announced today the launch of Flowfinity Actions 5.5, the latest version of their wireless application workflow platform. Flowfinity Actions provides point-and-click customization of enterprise applications, and version 5.5 includes such features as picture storage, search and retrieval and built-in camera integration.

BC - Flowfinity® Wireless Inc., a leading provider of adaptable mobile applications, is announcing today that it is launching Flowfinity Actions 5.5, the latest version of its award-winning wireless application workflow platform. Flowfinity Actions is an adaptable mobile workflow platform that enables point-and-click customization of enterprise applications that are both easy-to-use and powerful in capability. This release includes picture storage, search and retrieval and integration with the built-in camera featured on the BlackBerry® Pearl™ and BlackBerry® Curve™ series smartphones, as well as the new BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX:RIM).

By combining access to data while giving managers the power to assign work, track progress, and get reports on business outcomes, Flowfinity Actions makes teams more productive and empowers managers to make better decisions. These qualities, combined with its unmatched adaptability, have allowed many Flowfinity Actions customers to use it to improve work order management, project management, asset management, sales management, and compliance management. The new picture storage, search and retrieval capabilities in Flowfinity Actions 5.5 can enhance each of these application use cases, and can have value in new application areas such as homeland security, insurance, and property management.

When a picture can replace many minutes of typing of textual descriptions, there is a significant time savings in record keeping. When a picture can be combined with GPS as well, very comprehensive record keeping is possible that can have significant financial implications for protection from legal liability, for quality of customer service, for adherence to regulatory regulations, and for verifiable identification.

When these pictures can be accessed by other mobile workers or by another person back in the office, then significant amounts of time can be saved to confirm status or identity.

“We have benefited dramatically from converting our installations and service teams to manage their processes using Flowfinity Actions both in the field and in the office. We are looking forward to Flowfinity’s new capabilities for creating visual records,” said Garett Wall, CFO of Centra Windows. “Our sales teams will improve sales effectiveness by helping prospective customers visualize their homes with the improvements that we offer, and our installation teams will be able to take the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.”

About Flowfinity Wireless
Flowfinity® Wireless provides business applications to improve the productivity of mobile professionals and empowers businesses to better manage the flow of information that drives critical processes and decisions. Partnered with wireless carriers across the globe, Flowfinity is a leading provider of adaptable applications and fully integrated solutions for the wireless enterprise. Flowfinity is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and is a member of the BlackBerry® ISV Alliance Program. Today, Flowfinity has a growing base of customers and partners in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Reach Flowfinity Wireless at www.flowfinity.com.