Free ringtones available from BlackBerry mobile site

Free BlackBerry Ringtones

A bunch of new free ringtones for BlackBerry popped up on which kind of look like they didn’t make the final cut to be prepackaged with the BlackBerry Bold, as they’re sporting the familiar Inspired and Pro series names. They’re all the high quality you’d expect right from RIM, and worth nabbing real quick if you’re looking for a taste of the Bold on another device.

(via BerryReview)

BBInspired DejaVu
BBInspired Encompass
BBInspired Search
BBInspired Tentative
BBInspired Trillium
BBInspired Wish
BBIntense Attention
BBIntense BigDrum
BBIntense Laser
BBPro Advance
BBRelaxed Ahh
BBRelaxed Endure

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