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Onset Technology’s METAmessage ACT prevents wireless data loss, compliance issues (BlackBerry Bytes)


metamessage-act banner

Wireless enterprise solutions provider Onset Technology announced today the launch of METAmessage Advanced Compliance Tool (ACT). METAmessage ACT allows organizations to scan, block and archive wireless email from business and personal accounts, SMS, BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN and instant messaging communications for compliance and data loss prevention. METAmessage ACT will be available with all major U.S. wireless carriers, and Verizon Wireless is supporting the METAmessage ACT launch with an enterprise advertising campaign.

METAmessage ACT Full Press Release

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Party shots


rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 party

Remember the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 party invitations we told you about? Well, it turns out one of those parties was last week, and old friend of the site RogersDude69 was there to snap some pictures.

Apparently the event was fairly low key, with a lot of Rogers BlackBerry experts going around quizzing attendees about their BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 knowledge for a chance to win the device. However, judging from the pics, Rogers really likes ‘urban’ dancers and people jumping around on bicycles, which is kinda cool.

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 photos

U.S Stock Market in freefall, everybody gets hit


nasdaq crash

The state of the United States economy is such that there seems to be no sector that can avoid the chain of falling dominoes. Partially in reaction to the U.S. House of Representatives failing to pass the proposed $700 billion dollar bailout bill, the NASDAQ dropped 200 points yesterday, around 9% of its total value.

While RIM continued its downward slide, losing approx. 11% of its total value to close at $61.50/share, it was hardly the only technology company in our sphere to get hit. Apple dropped 17.4%, while Google and Adobe dropped around 11%.

For the employees and families of all those companies involved, we hope something can jumpstart the U.S. economy before things get worse. Check out our current Weekly Contest and let us know if you think RIM will be okay.

(via WSJ)


FCC voting on 700MHz D-Block (BlackBerry Bytes)


FCC LogoThe FCC is currently voting on what to do about the D-Block, the 700Mhz chunk of the wireless public safety spectrum which had previously been up for auction despite Verizon’s litigious attempts to block it. However, many commercial bidders fear that the auction plan as structured is not commercially viable, while public safety groups and a few members of Congress feel that the spectrum would be more effectively split into regional licenses rather than a national one.

Ars Technica has a wonderful summary of the entire situation, which can be found here.


Do you want to make a call on a plane?


Snakes on a plane

Airlines Ryanair and Emirates have both recently announced that their passengers will soon be able to make mobile calls during flights. However, a recent poll by Wanderlust Magazine shows that the majority of travelers would rather fly with snakes. Polling over 1000 readers, 76% said they would never use a mobile phone in the air and only 2% said they would use their phone regularly. Dan Linstead, Editor of Wanderlust indicates that the negative response relates to both cost and sanity:

“The message from our readers, who are all seasoned travellers, is loud and clear. Planes are one of the last sacred mobile-free havens and they want it to stay that way – let’s hope the airlines start listening… The interruption is one thing but people also need to realise that mid-air chats won’t come cheap. Emirates say the average call costs more than £2 a minute, so someone’s making quite a bit of money out of it too.”

Now, obviously, I’m sure every reader of BlackBerry Cool would love to send and receive emails during flights. Making calls is another issue, however. Would you want the ability to make a call from you BlackBerry during a flight? Or would you rather make sure your fellow passengers can’t? Post a comment and let us know.

(via CN)

Text messaging while driving banned in California, use Vlingo instead


Vlingo for BlackBerry

What the Gubernator wants, the Gubernator gets (or he’ll be back). Starting in January of 2009, citizens within the great state of California will no longer be able to text message while driving. This new law covers not only sending, but the reading and writing of text messages as well; violators will be charged $20 for the initial offense and $50 for each recurring violation. The primary motivation for the law was SkyNET

“Banning electronic text messaging while driving will keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, making our roadways a safer place for all Californians,” said Schwarzenegger.

Californians take heart, however: you can have both safety and text messaging via Vlingo, a free voice-enabled application that’s extremely easy to use! Read our review below to learn more.

Vlingo 1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed