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BlackBerry Bold to reach Japan by early 2009


Japan BlackBerry Bold

Word coming straight out of Tokyo is that RIM is looking to release the BlackBerry Bold in Japan by early 2009. While the average Japanese person has smartphones that are lightyears beyond ours, with cold fusion and laser support, RIM’s COO Donald Morrison sees a huge opportunity in the enterprise space:

“The challenge for us is to get our products localised,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of a briefing to introduce the Bold in Japan. “Once they are localised and pass the certification, the opportunity, particularly in the enterprise base, is an essentially still wide open market.”

NTT DoCoMo is already selling BlackBerry in Japan and in addition to the BlackBerry Bold, plans to almost double its smartphone line-up to 10 by next year to tap growing demand for phones with computer-like capabilities. For our friends in the land of the rising sun who just can’t wait, check out our full BlackBerry Bold review below.

The Ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)
BlackBerry Bolds Around the World map

(via Reuters)

RIM places BlackBerry Storm Release in the PartnerZone (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry logoHey, with all the BlackBerry Storm news that gets ‘leaked’ each day, it’s nice to see that we’re nearing the point where RIM will officially acknowledge the BlackBerry Storm to the public. Our good friend Ronen got his hands on a RIM PartnerZone release which discusses the APIs RIM will be giving to developers to take advantage of all those neat OS 4.7 features (virtual keyboard APIs anyone?). In addition, you can see what kind of web browsing capabilities the BlackBerry Storm will be packing.

(via BerryReview)

BlackBerry Storm PartnerZone release

BlackBerry Bold coming to Best Buy October 26th for $679


BlackBerry Bold Best Buy Release

UPDATE: Berry Reporter has a blurry screenshot that shows a BlackBerry Bold price of $679.99.

Finally we have some good news for our American friends who want to stab themselves in they eye every time we add another country to the BlackBerry Bolds Around the World map (this just in: add Aruba to the list). It turns out that by October 26th, the United States will be on the map as well!

The Boy Genius has a screen shot of a Best Buy sales system showing a release date of October 26th. Typically, Best Buy receives devices a week or two after their release on AT&T, so it looks like those holding out hope for an early October AT&T BlackBerry Bold release are in luck.

Hang in there, guys and girls, we’re almost home.

(via BGR)

Possible Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 release date emerges


Verizon device training info

With all the information about the BlackBerry Storm 9530 that Verizon continues to push out, it’s a bit surprising that the two things we don’t know about RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry: it’s price and release date.

Engadget just got their hands on an Verizon internal training document that indicates employee training on the BlackBerry Storm 9530 will be completed by November 2nd, leading many to think that the earlier rumors of an early November release date are right on the money.

So I guess the big question now is how much it will cost.


‘Is RIM Okay?’ (Weekly Contest)


rim stock crash graphic

RIM’s recent financial statement makes it clear that it’s time to put things into perspective about what’s going on with our favorite company from Waterloo. The market has completely soured on RIM’s stock due to missed targets and shaky guidance for coming quarters. However, RIM CEO Jim Balsillie would tell you otherwise, stating that RIM is aggressively investing now to win later. And we can’t forget just how excited we are for upcoming BlackBerrys.

So post a comment and let us know which is the dominant RIM perspective right now: slow and steady to win the race, or financial freefall? The person who posts the best comment will receive a BlackBerry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway!!

BlackBerry Storm appears in Germany (twice!)


t-mobile blackberry 9500 on website

I’m trying to refrain from making some sort of weather related pun, but it’s hard to deny the steady pour (sigh) of BlackBerry Storm information that has been finding its way on the Internet. Today we have news for our German friends, as both the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry 9500 have made appearances on Vodafone and T-Mobile Germany’s websites.

Vodafone Germany has followed Verizon’s lead and posted a BlackBerry Storm 9530 signup page, where interested parties can submit their email addresses for more information.

T-Mobile Germany hasn’t been as overt in their display of BlackBerry Storm information, but it’s still there. The screen cap above shows that the BlackBerry 9500 has been added to the device model compatibility check list for the T-Mobile’s Mobile Jukebox. Whoops.