RIM, Apple continue to measure the size of their touchscreens while Verizon and AT&T watch

Back during the launches of the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G, the entire Internet was caught up in a head-to-head comparison (us too). This makes sense, as both devices are the flagships for their respective companies, who are known for their diametrically opposed ideologies. However, as we’ve stated many times on the site, the true BlackBerry competitor to the iPhone 3G would be the BlackBerry Storm, a touchscreen, consumer-focused device that will launch on AT&T’s nemesis Verizon.

It’s clear today that all the companies involved are keenly aware of the upcoming heavyweight fight, as internal documents from both AT&T and RIM have ‘leaked’, filled to the brim with reasons as to why their smartphone is better. We’re going to avoid getting into the debate at this point (we haven’t even touched the Storm yet, and neither have you), and merely present the information as a prelude to what will surely be a good old fashioned corporate pissing match. Enjoy.

(via BlackBerry News, BGR)

rim iphone breakdown

rim iphone breakdown

rim iphone breakdown

4 Responses to “RIM, Apple continue to measure the size of their touchscreens while Verizon and AT&T watch”

  1. 1 Ims

    This is what my Verizon account manager had to say
    We will be launching this in all channels at once. I am hearing 11/7, but don’t hold me to it.
    It won’t be available to order until launch.
    Sometimes we launch to the business clients first, but not so from what I am hearing on this launch

  2. 2 Bryan

    i’m tired of this ‘app store’ non-sense. as if apple invented the concept of third party apps for their so called smartphone. there are plenty of places for berry users to download apps, for free or otherwise. berries are much more customizable with themes and of course, you can download tons of stuff over the air, directly to the device. new angle apple users, please.

  3. 3 Manas

    WEll, i’ve used iPhone 3G for a month and i was very tempted to switch back to the BB any time.
    The iPhone sucks when it comes to email. It downloads email only when its on and really from time to time. No LED diod to tell you that you have email, you have to open the menu. Even when set to push, it does not get emails when they get into the device.
    And no option to cut&paste, forward SMS and others makes it just a fancy toy.
    And i’m not talking about the Apple store. That’s a big joke.

  4. 4 adubb

    honestly, I have the iPhone 3g, && even though it’s a cool phone (for looks etc.) && especially music, it IS NOT reliable. It send calls to voicemail without telling you about them. Overall I’m so pissed at apple I could scream lol I’m going back to bb ASAP once the bold comes out. ( I would prefer storm, but I have AT&T :/ ) nothing is better or more reliable than blackberry & I really hope RIM sticks with their touchscreen advancements and makes one for AT&T.

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