Telus shutting down analog mobile service

light switchSad news today for Telus subscribers in rural communities today. The Canadian carrier has announced that it will soon be shutting down its analogue phone network. Telus currently has 70,000 customers on its AMPS network - compared to around 4.9 million on its CDMA service and 862,000 on an iDEN network.

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall told The Canadian Press that the company was left with little choice with its stockpile of replacement parts running out. The company has spent the past year warning that it would eventually have to shut down the network.

The issue at hand for these rural subscribers is the inability to get a strong, clear signal over a digital network. Telus is looking at the possibility of offering boosters or specially adapted mobile phones for use in areas where the shut-down cuts off customers, but nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

If there are any Telus subscribers out there about to feel the pinch, post a comment and let us know.

(via CN)

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