Vodafone BlackBerry Storm commercial


According to CrackBerry, the Storm will be officially announced tomorrow and the launch commercial is available on the web. There are plans right now to start shipping the device on the 28th, so hopefully this announcement gets people hyped enough to put in some orders.

What do you guys think of the ad? Personally, I think it’s a great commercial for introducing a typically enterprise driven device to consumers, but it could have showcased a few more features. I would have liked to see games and more focus on the browser. Also, a small demonstration of the cut and paste would have really turned on some potential users.

(Via BGR)

2 Responses to “Vodafone BlackBerry Storm commercial”

  1. 1 Val

    Nice advert - on a side issue does anyone know what track is playing during?

  2. 2 brady

    i believe by simian mobile disco

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