Trapster now available for BlackBerry

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Location-based services are making enormous gains in the mobile space. When Android launched its developer awards, most of the apps were LBS. Now Trapster will join the BlackBerry LBS space with an app that lets you know the location of speed traps. With over 100,000 users, more than 50,000 traps, speed cameras and red-light camera alerts in the system, Trapster is well on its way to stopping traffic tickets from burdening our already worsening economy.

Check out a flash demo of Trapster here.

  • joe willy
    Speeding tickets are just a damn tax, and I'll do everything I can to avoid payind. In Atlanta, SLOW drivers cause more wrecks than fast ones. Proven fact.
  • jeremy
    people are stupid! do you realize how many people are locked up because of stupid ass cops and traffic laws, vs, murder its like 50,000 vs 50,000,000, so fuck you i hope i crash into you!!!
  • Don
    Brian, I like to think of it as contributing to public safety. It achieves much the same result as the speed trap. It gets you to slow down.

    I don't think your idea for Tripster, (to help you find drugs,) or Cheapsexter, (to help you buy cheap sex,) would work. Law enforcement officers would buy them and shut down the operations. But then I may be wrong about it not working. You should patent the ideas.

    Drive safely.
  • sk8boardcrest
    This program looks great but i'm having a problem with the GPS locating my phone. I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon. How do i get this program to find my GPS????? Please Help!!!!!
  • Brian
    Speed limits are just as such that; limits. They are not a guideline of "well, it says 55mph, but, as long as you're safe, you can drive 60mph or faster". You may not always agree with the limit, but, they are there for a reason; safety. While I applaud the author of the program for creating a program I have no clue as to how to even being to do, I can't support a program that in essence, bypasses public safety.
  • Curtis
    You do not realize that speed limits are not laws set in stone. they are guidelines and were designed as such. The fact is most people don't know the laws and get stuck being ticketed by police that are using unlawful techniques like speed traps.
  • Brian
    While I like most any new location based blackberry app, I'm gonna leave this one alone.

    What's next? Location based services that lets you know where the closest house to buy pot is located, or the cheapest price for hookers in your immediate area?

    Seems rather a waste of resources that allows people to circumvent laws.
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