16GB MicroSD cards now available. Which BlackBerrys support them? (BlackBerry Bytes)

Earlier this week SanDisk announced the introduction of 16GB microSDHC (high capacity) cards, which makes me stare at the media-enabled BlackBerry Bold sitting beside me with both wonder and greed. However, those of you not fortunate enough to have an OS 4.6 BlackBerry may be wondering if your BlackBerry can support the new SDHC cards. Thankfully, our good friend Al Sacco over at CIO has already composed a useful chart depicting which BlackBerrys make the cut. We’ll spoil the ending for you, though: all BlackBerrys OS and higher should be fine.

Supported microSD Memory Card Sizes Based on BlackBerry OS

6 Responses to “16GB MicroSD cards now available. Which BlackBerrys support them? (BlackBerry Bytes)”

  1. 1 DavidB

    The guy didn’t make that chart, he just extracted the text from the Blackberry KnowledgeBase article.

  2. 2 Andy

    KB05461 - Supported microSD media card sizes … http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB05461

    It isn’t BlackBerrys but rather BlackBerry handhelds.

  3. 3 SingStar

    Anyone have sites as to where you can buy some 16GB cards? :)

  4. 4 MartinB

    Has anyone loaded one of these up yet?
    I have an 8GB in my Curve running 4.5 and loaded up about 6 GB of music a while back. Pretty much brought my BB to its knees. Scanning the folder took a couple of hours and anytime you tried to pull up the song list on the BB it was painfully slow.

  5. 5 Magnus

    I want one! Just got my Bold yesterday, now I need to load it up with goodies.

  6. 6 BA

    Well, my BlackBerry curve 8310 supports it. See my blog for screenshots of 8gb and 16gb card in my blackberry.


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