RIM partners with DeviceAnywhere to offer global solutions



DeviceAnywhere has joined RIM’s Blackberry Alliance Program to offer BlackBerry developers a convenient, cost-effective way to develop mobile applications.

This partnership will give developers have access to 100 real, remote BlackBerry devices over 16 carriers. Developers are able to use these devices for mobile application development, testing, porting, and monitoring. DeviceAnywhere’s technology gives developers a direct connection to BlackBerry handsets from different locations, allowing for remote collaboration on projects.

Gartner Research recently reported that second-quarter worldwide smartphone sales totaled 32.2 million, which will continue to grow into 2009. North America leads as the fastest-growing smartphone market, with a 78.7% increase in sales over the past year.

Among the available BlackBerry handsets are the new BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Curve, with more handsets frequently and continuously added to the DeviceAnywhere service.

Through November 15, 2008, new DeviceAnywhere users can receive a 10-hour rebate for time used on BlackBerry devices. For more information, please visit their site.

About DeviceAnywhere

DeviceAnywhere is an award-winning product that provides convenient and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for mobile content development, monitoring, testing and deployment – enabling application developer to bring better content to market faster than ever before. Its unique Direct-to-Device™ technology provides access to real handsets in live global networks, from anywhere. DeviceAnywhere currently supports more than 1000 devices on over 20 different carrier networks worldwide, with locations in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. To learn more about DeviceAnywhere – and to sign up for a free, three-hour trial – please visit www.deviceanywhere.com.