Americans want fun from their smartphones

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Yesterday we reported that the majority of European businesspeople were unwilling to trade in their favored handset for mobile email access. Today we can tell you that 87.5% of U.S. smartphone users access entertainment content (i.e. games, music, video) from their devices according to a survey by Artificial Life. In addition, 33 percent of those surveyed use their phone for entertainment over any other purpose, including email, GPS and Internet browsing.

It’s been tossed around that RIM’s BlackBerry subscriber base is now growing at an equal 50-50 split between enterprise and prosumer, and with reports like this it’s easy to see why. Why I’m sure that the majority of BlackBerry Cool readers wouldn’t give up their email for anything, I’m interested in hearing how important entertainment is to you.

(via CN)

3 Responses to “Americans want fun from their smartphones”

  1. 1 Jason

    I seem to be in the minority based on the above survey. I switched to a BB because of easier email and web browsing. I would probably use it for mp3 playing though if the battery drain wasn’t so bad.

  2. 2 Tim

    I use my BB for E-Mail, Basic web browsing and most of all MP3s. Gaming has never been good enough or cheap enough to catch on for me on the smart phone, but web browsing and mp3s are a big deal for me. I wish the 8830 could handle videos, I’d do a lot of video stuff if it was an option.

  3. 3 Gary

    the BB bold has the worse browser i have ever used the only reason i havent returned it to orange uk is because i love the form factor its just great for txt and email, but browsing has become a chore i cant be bothered to go through the various hoops im expected to do just to render a bloody web page correctly…ps i am a former iphone 2g user (still stuck in a contract with O2 in the uk) and mobile safari is really the only thing i miss..its not even the touch touchy malarky just the fact that it renders a page how it is s`posed to look like not some mashed up mess i seem to have to put up with these pays ya money you takes ya chances..still im happy going back to buttons

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