The BlackBerry Cool 15 at the BlackBerry Developer Conference!!

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UPDATE: Just got an email from Rick Segal, member of the BlackBerry Partners fund, confirming that he can also participate as a judge! This is great news for all developers participating, as I’m sure he’s looking to break open the vault and cough up some term sheet love for the BlackBerry Nation.

We’ve had a long history of being excited about being excited for the BlackBerry Developer Conference since it was first announced back in May. Our excitement reached a high point last week, when we told you of our participation in the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge and the What Makes a Great Mobile Application? panel. I’d now like to formally introduce another DevCon event that can’t have us any more excited: The BlackBerry Cool 15.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is an event we’re running to give exposure to BlackBerry developers with innovative and “cool” software ideas while providing them with a relaxed forum to interact with other like-minded people. The BlackBerry Cool 15 is a celebration of the BlackBerry development community and a good excuse to have a great time! Here’s how it will happen:

* We’re looking for 15 registered DevCon developers willing to display their innovative, pre-1.0 software release in front of an audience at the BlackBerry Developer Conference.
* Each of the 15 selected developers will have 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea or application, followed by 2-3 minutes of questioning by a judges panel.
* After all the developers have made their pitch, the audience members will vote on the best BlackBerry application. The winner will receive some great prizes which will be announced shortly.
* The whole event will be filmed and eventually displayed on BlackBerry Cool for the entire BlackBerry Nation to see.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is being sponsored by the BlackBerry Partners Fund, which will supply both the adult beverages and developer prizes (thanks guys!). Our judging panel is a ‘who’s who’ of the BlackBerry blogging world, comprised of Al Sacco from, Kevin Michaluk from, Hayden James from (unconfirmed) and yours truly.

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is going to be a great time so make sure to come. It will take place on Monday, October 20th after the DevCon opening reception (more specific details to follow). Are you a developer interested in making a pitch to a room full of VCs, RIM employees and peers? REGISTER NOW!!!

  • Troy D. Brown
    @BBC Yes I am in California and will need Rum :)
  • @Troy,

    Don't you live in Cali? Bla1ze is stuck in Eastern Canada and is dying to come. You have to go for him!

    Anyways, we'll save a beer for you and have a BlackBerry Blogger powwow.
  • Troy D Brown
    I am seriously considering attending. Looks like a lot of good information and a lot of fun. Sorry to hear about your passport Bla1ze.
  • Bla1ze!

    That's terrible man. You might be able to get a rush on your passport. If not, we'll leave our BlackBerrys at half-power in your memory.
  • Bla1ze
    Man, I wanna go to the dev conference so bad,I'm really stoked to see if RIM is gonna step up their game in this dept. and I have a feeling they are...when it was first announced I know it was like..Blahh, but now it seems like they have turned it into a serious event with some nice stuff that may come from it. I should have got my passport before hand but now it's entirely too late and I even double checked my damn airmiles would have covered the flight :(
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