BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac

Syncing a BlackBerry with a Mac can be a pain. In the past, I’ve had issues with the device not being recognized by the Mac and installing software can sometimes be difficult. BGR got the first look at BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac. It’s a slick looking applications that is a great Mac port of the PC version. Now you’ll be able to sync your music, photos, videos, and even iTunes playlists to BlackBerry devices.

(Via BGR)

4 Responses to “BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac”

  1. 1 drumdog00

    So this works with DRM protected music right? Or do I have to keep ripping my downloaded music?

  2. 2 Magnus

    Would love to get it, just got my Bold today.

  3. 3 leslie

    where can I get this for my new storm. If I cant get this, do you know another way to synch it to my macbook pro

  4. 4 MacBook enthusiast

    Great post, would you mind expanding on the topic a bit more in the future?

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