BlackBerry Storm 9530 Slide Blowout!

The Boy Genius is working hard this weekend, posting a bundle of released leaked powerpoint slides for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. While the slides don’t tell us much that we didn’t already know from the Verizon National Account Manager slides that leaked previously, they do provide a great look at Storm’s touchscreen text input.

We’ve reported rumors that Verizon will release the BlackBerry Storm 9530 on election day, November 4th, which is now a month away. However, these slides and Italian promotional video are going to make the next month seem like a lifetime.

(via BGR)

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3 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm 9530 Slide Blowout!”

  1. 1 likeabite

    can;t wait!

  2. 2 Gregasaurus

    When is this coming to T-mobile, I already sent the G1 back as it was a monster to text with large hands, cmon people I need this phone ,the curve is a little long in the tooth but like a best friend, very hard to get rid of! BB’s Rule!!!!!

  3. 3 CandyCane

    OMG can this phone be RELEASED already!!! I love it!!!!

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