Would Microsoft buyout Research in Motion?

PCPro wrote an interesting post regarding the potential for Microsoft to buyout RIM. Microsoft has a substantial amount of cash on its balance sheet ($23 billion) and with RIM valued at $34 billion, the acquisition would be financially viable. Not only is the takeover financially plausible, it would be a synergistic move by Microsoft to acquire such a powerful smartphone manufacturer. Although I don’t like the idea of Windows Mobile appearing on a BlackBerry, I see the value in owning this space.

14 Responses to “Would Microsoft buyout Research in Motion?”

  1. 1 Rob

    I’d hate to see that happen. RIM, one of Canada’s best known international companies, being bought by the American Microsoft. *shivers*

  2. 2 Jason

    I hope that never happens. The day Microsoft buys RIM would be the day I get rid of my Blackberry.

  3. 3 Vygantas



  4. 4 fizz

    here here, Windows on smartphones is dumb! Unless they plan on improving their OS (which users would still be guinea pigs and prone to suffering from MS issues), I would get rid of my Blackberry as well or never get one with Windows.

  5. 5 Simon

    Beh these rumors have been floating around for years, nothing ever happens.

  6. 6 Tim