Multiple BlackBerry Curve 8900 reviews released

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 seems to be making a few appearances in the New York region, lately, as both BGR and Gizmodo have posted hands-on impressions of what was formerly known as the BlackBerry Javelin.

Nothing is revealed in the two impressions posts that we haven’t heard before, but it’s exciting that both sites were so positive on the device. It seems as though the Curve 8900 is a worthy successor to its forefather. We’ve posted the most interesting bits from both impressions after the jump for your perusal. Enjoy.

Gizmodo Impressions

What’s interesting is that even though the Curve 8900 borrows heavily from the Bold in terms of design and in no way feels cheap (well the plastic-y chrome is a little cheap), it’s more clearly differentiated from it than the old Curve was from the 8800. It’s very much a Curve still, and clearly the consumer model to the Bold’s pro position. So what looked to be a hard choice from leaked shots, isn’t quite as difficult as it appeared.

The Bold is more substantial, exuding “executive” to the Curve 8900’s “middle manager” or “normal person.” It’s clearly more powerful, and has a bigger screen. The keyboards are way different, too—personally, I prefer the Bold’s larger, squishier keys to the Curve’s smaller, stiffer ones. But obviously, the biggest thing is 3G. The Bold has it, the Curve 8900 doesn’t, and we missed it sorely.

All that said, this thing will sell like a mother, and justifiably so. It pushes the BlackBerry you see in most people’s hands (if they’re carrying a BlackBerry) into 2008, exceeding the original Curve in every way.

BGR Impressions

* The size is awesome — totally small enough to be pocketable, but not too small where sacrifices on the keyboard had to be made.
* Unlike the Bold where some people had trouble hitting the right convience key since it was too low, on the Curve 8900, it’s located perfectly.
* The screen, as we’re getting accustomed to now with RIM, is flawless! It’s smaller than the Bold as you know, and that’s an even denser, crisper, and sharper display in our books. Really a job well done.
* What about the keyboard? Even better than the first Curve. The keys feel more “fuller” and not hollow like the original 8300 did. They’re also decently spaced, and even after using a Bold for 5 months, the second we picked this up, we were off to the races. Another great execution by RIM.
* It might just be us, but the fake chrome bezel around the 8900 actually seems like it’s more equipped to handle rough usage than the Bold is. We could be wrong, but at first glance it looks like a tougher material or finish. You know how our original Bold fared…

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  1. 1 addictedtoBB

    I’m still waiting for my Storm…just a few more days!!!!

  2. 2 Bradley

    I’m going to the Bold… Need the 3G so I can use broadband and talk at the same time. The Bold and AT&T (soon TMO) is the only way to get simultaneous Broadband and voice in the United States. And I cant wait…

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