MySpace for BlackBerry - any legal issues?

There has been no word about a Myspace app for the BlackBerry Storm. Facebook has managed to get its app pre-loaded on BlackBerry devices and I’m curious why Myspace has been left out. Here is a thought: Facebook has a non-compete clause with RIM, much in the same way that Coke and Pepsi will have non-compete clauses with restaurants and campuses. Does anybody know or care why there is no Myspace app for BlackBerry?

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  1. 1 Chris

    Because tweens can’t afford to have Blackberrys. Besides i would rather have a Facebook app then a Myspace app .

  2. 2 Jake

    You’re way off base on this. The official app hasn’t been released yet and probably won’t be out for a while.

    Don’t confuse preload or legal issues with the fact that the app isn’t even available yet!

    Also, nobody cares about MySpace. It’s full of emo kids and shoddily encoded music. ;)

  3. 3 Tom

    Why would one want to use MySpace in the first place? I think what others have said is true, the tweens that use MySpace cannot afford BlackBerrys and the young adults that have BlackBerrys are the ones that used Facebook in College.

  4. 4 Bla1ze

    Meh, it’s MySpace..I don’t personally care if it ever shows up on my BlackBerry,I created an accnt just to see what all the fuss was about and still don’t get it, it’s like the garbage social network of the internet imo, as for the legal issues..Naww, I don’t think RIM would have made an official press release about it without digging into the legal aspects ahead of time…as a matter of fact I think their is something you’re not quite telling us, cause that’s either a really good mock up or that’s the real thing and you guys aren’t quite ready to tell us due to some issues with RIM..I mean everybody practically everyone in the blogosphere got close with RIM over the past few days, maybe some are cutting RIM some slack on the leakage lmao!! :P

  5. 5 addictedtoBB

    Does anyone over the age of 12 even use MySpace?

  6. 6 MarvinK

    I don’t really find Facebook substantially more appealing. I don’t like the spam with MySpace, and I absolutely hate all the stupid requests relating to third-party crap on Facebook. If Facebook had caught on first, it would’ve been the one flooded with younger people.

  7. 7 LouTreize

    I couldn’t care less about MySpace. Was never a fan of it in the first place. And amongst the people I know, only a few use it as their band/art page. Bla1ze said it best “it’s like the garbage social network of the internet”.

    Nice iPho…err Storm version of MySpace. I hope Facebook’s changing their UI for the Storm, mind you, for all BBs.

  8. 8 David R.

    MySpace is the preferred social network for celebrities and rock groups who want to communicate with their fans. None of you above obviously fit that bill. Which is why you prefer Facebook, the preferred medium for stalkers or college grads who don’t mind being stalked well into their 40s. Creepy.

    More seriously, the reality is that RIM once again got ahead of itself in hyping services not even close to being ready just to appear competitive with iPhone, which already has Facebook and MySpace and a million other apps.

    Remember, Slacker Radio? Where’s that, RIM? How about six-month-old Bold finally coming out in a couple of weeks?

  9. 9 Josh Lloyd

    Myspace used to be IT. EVERYONE is on myspace. Politicians, businesses, moms, dads, kids, teens, 20’s. But it has changed. It’s been bogged down, full of annoying and provocative ads, you or a friend get your account hacked every other day. It sucks. I switched to Facebook a long time ago, and haven’t looked back.

  10. 10 joe

    you should do a google search before you post an article…..

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