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Bell’s BlackBerry Unite! Video


Back in May, Bell Canada launched BlackBerry Unite! - a free download that allows you to “keep connected and organized, collaborate and share content, calendars, contacts, pictures and videos on your computer and sync it with your BlackBerry.” Yesterday a new video surfaced, created by Blink Media Works, outlining its features and benefits.

Get the software here!

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Buy your AT&T BlackBerry Bold on eBay now


There’s only 5 hours left of the AT&T BlackBerry Bold. The current price is at $860, so you’ll have to be a complete die-hard BlackBerry/AT&T fan to want to pay. On the other hand, this is a super sweet device and I’m sure the price will jump considerably in the last couple of hours. If anything, we should follow this item just to see how crazy people will get. Oh yeah, and the seller has a feedback rating of 2 so you’ll probably get scammed. Good luck!

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MySpace for BlackBerry - any legal issues?


There has been no word about a Myspace app for the BlackBerry Storm. Facebook has managed to get its app pre-loaded on BlackBerry devices and I’m curious why Myspace has been left out. Here is a thought: Facebook has a non-compete clause with RIM, much in the same way that Coke and Pepsi will have non-compete clauses with restaurants and campuses. Does anybody know or care why there is no Myspace app for BlackBerry?

Video of BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry Storm


BrickBreaker, the classic comes-with-your-BlackBerry game, is on the Storm and here’s the video. The video is a little long but you get the point really quickly. BrickBreaker is back! In touch form!

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BBDC finished - flying back to Ottawa Canada


The BlackBerry Developer Conference is finished and Doug is in transit on his way back to cold Canada. He’s going to get a rude welcoming because ever since he left it has been bone chilling cold. I’m really hoping we move our office to Santa Clara.

Stay tuned on BlackBerry Cool because Doug will have lots to say about the BBDC. We’ll have Podcasts and posts galore!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold arrives November 4th!


AT&T BlackBerry Bold

Press Release

Breakthrough BlackBerry Smartphone Is Coming to Nation’s Fastest 3G Network; Arrives in Stores Nov. 4

DALLAS, Texas, and WATERLOO, Ontario - AT&T customers will be entering a bold new wireless world with the launch of the BlackBerry® BoldTM, a breakthrough 3G BlackBerry® smartphone that operates on the nation’s fastest 3G network and is the first to support HSDPA networks around the world, including in Japan and Korea. AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM; TSX:RIM) announced today that the highly anticipated BlackBerry Bold smartphone will be available in the United States for as low as $299.991 on Tuesday, Nov. 4, in AT&T retail stores nationwide, through and select national retailers, as well as through AT&T’s business-to-business sales teams.

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone, which is being introduced in the United States only for AT&T customers, can be used in the most countries abroad, including more than 60 with 3G networks. AT&T is the world’s leading provider of BlackBerry services.

The Ultimate BlackBerry Bold Review (with full device specs)

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Prylos Launches Mobitracker Solution for BlackBerry Smartphones


Press Release

Innovative tracking solution for the transport sector offers haulage contractors significant productivity benefits

Paris, France - Prylos, the specialist in professional embedded software developed for BlackBerry® smartphones and mobile phones, has today announced the launch of the Mobitracker solution for small and medium-sized haulage contractors.

With current budget constraints weighing heavily on the transport industry, Prylos and Baracoda, maker of the D’Fly barcode scanner, have developed a value-for-money mobile solution to give haulage contractors the competitive edge by offering optimal delivery handling and tracking capability.

The innovative Mobitracker tracking solution comprises of BlackBerry smartphones, a Y-trace Prylos delivery management application and a D’Fly Baracoda barcode scanner. Thanks to the barcode scanner that scans delivery slips with the delivery status of parcels directly on to the BlackBerry smartphone, Mobitracker simplifies data capture, and quickly identifies the data reports recording on the receipt and status of goods. As a result, Mobitracker helps manage the issue of cost control by reducing the drivers’ administrative chores for each delivery and automatically tracing the delivery to ensure no omissions are made.

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Pageonce Launches Personal Productivity Assistant for BlackBerry Smartphones


pageonce for BlackBerry

Press Release

Now BlackBerry smartphone users can benefit from a virtual personal assistant that helps save time and money

Santa Clara, Calif. - Pageonce announced today that it has delivered its Personal Productivity Assistant — “A Personal Assistant” — to BlackBerry® smartphone users who want a professional and personal mobile productivity tool with the ease of use and convenience of a native BlackBerry application. The Pageonce mobile application enables BlackBerry smartphone users to access their personal online accounts without having to enter their passwords each time they visit a site and works to simplify a user’s Internet experience by delivering relevant and timely account alerts. In addition, it allows users to proactively manage their accounts and monitor against incorrect financial transactions and fraudulent activity, while also keeping users abreast of bill due dates and expiration dates for rewards and miles.

The Pageonce application for BlackBerry smartphones displays financial data and information in an optimal format for viewing on a mobile device, allowing users to get their financial account transaction history organized by date, including the purchase amount and merchant, summary views of credit card balances with available credit tracking and a financial balances summary page that allows them to view all their finances at a glance. BlackBerry smartphone users can now access thousands of providers from Pageonce all in a single application – a task that was nearly impossible on a mobile device until now. Accounts include: Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, United, Delta, Southwest, Comcast, AT&T, Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, and thousands more.

Pageonce has seen rapid growth of its mobile user base since its June 3rd launch, having surpassed 200,000 users.

“Our users are saving significant amounts of time and money using our service and for some it has become a daily must have and a true lifesaver,” said Guy Goldstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Pageonce. “Our Personal Productivity Assistant provides a much needed service and tremendous utility to mobile users who need an easier way to check their accounts than logging into the web. Our app for BlackBerry smartphones simplifies and eases this process tremendously.”

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BBDC: Developer Party


No developer conference is complete without Nintendo Wii and Guitar hero.

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BBDC: BlackBerry Storm - the wait continues


It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. Wait a minute, I can’t get my BlackBerry Storm until 1 month after it’s been commercially available? That is a long horizon, friends.

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