‘Why are you thankful for your BlackBerry?’ (Weekly Contest)

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Maybe it’s because we’re in a holiday mood right now (and stuffed with, well.. stuffing and gravy), or maybe it’s because last week we asked for BlackBerry criticism and want to show the other side of the coin.

Regardless of motive, we want you to write a love letter to RIM and your BlackBerry. Tell us why you can’t live without your BlackBerry. Tell us how it’s better than all other smartphones out there. Tell us about the time your BlackBerry saved your life/job/marriage. Or maybe you can tell us how excited you are for the 13 million (approximate number) new BlackBerrys coming out this holiday season. The person that can best show how grateful they are for their BlackBerry will win a FREE OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES BLACKBERRY CASE to better protect their prized possession.

‘What would you change about BlackBerrys?’ Weekly Contest Winners

Last week we have an overwhelming number of great recommendations as to how RIM could improve the BlackBerry, although there were some recurring themes (memory leaks anyone?) However, I enjoyed JerryD’s pleas for an improved trackball and better mail separation, and Bla1ze had a great argument for faster access to development CDK’s (hopefully we’ll see this at the BlackBerry Developer Conference). Enjoy your free WorldMate Live Gold subscriptions, guys!

  • jalil
    Once I needed a reference letter from friend. I was on canal street in New York City. I asked my friend to type it on his blackberry and send it to me. I got the job...
  • @theOutsider,

    There's no accounting for taste, I guess.
  • theOutsider
    Seriously? W-T-F is up with the picture guys? Are you "fo' realz"?

    A picture of anything other than some dude laid back in a gay position with his itsy-bitsy junk showing is NOT what I prefer to see on this site.

    I don't care if it's considered art or not, and that's not my argument. I am just wondering WHY IN THE F*CK you would put THAT picture on here.

    Are you all sporting Pink Curves now too?!?!?!?!
  • Jim
    I recently purchased my BBCurve and now can’t understand how I ever got along before I got it. I now am able to get Birthday cards out in time and most important, it may have saved my marriage as I now am reminded in time about our anniverary and my wifes birthday. And my task list now contains all the reminders she has dropped about gift ideas.
    With this case, my new brain will be well protected.
  • David Gorenberg
    BlackBerry and my new Curve absolutley saved my career. Recently, I had the displeasure of a sudden displacement by my employer.
    My computer access was being shut down immediately, and I had one hour to gather my belongings. However, my most valuable possession was not a thing, but rather my entire contact list of over 6,000 contacts around the country, and my appointments for the coming month. Fortunately, all of that important information was in my new BlackBerry Curve. After hastily gathering my stuff, I went to a local coffee shop and began sending emails to my key contacts. Within minutes, I had offers of assistance, and requests for my resume; within 24 hours I had interviews set up; within a week I landed a new position, with more responsibility, and a shorter commute.
    Thank you BlackBerry!
  • Hung Ngo
    Hi RIM and BB fans,
    I am writing from Vietnam where BB is yet to be officially distributed.

    As a result, the majority of BBs being sold and used in VN now is fakes with poor quality. However, we are (or more specifically, me) has been in "love" with BB since my first BB.

    I am the administrator of a professional group of investment analysts in VN, and I can't imagine how I can manage this growing group (adding new members, most of the time) without my beloved BB8820, though still a "fake" wife. :-)

    Thanks RIM for this type of smart phone. I love the keyboard the most and feel a bit sad when a keyless new phone (Storm?) is coming out to life soon.

    If I can make a wish to RIM people, it is like this "Please arrange to distribute genuine BB phones to Vietnam soon, we are crazy for genuine BB phones right now"
    The current market has been conquered by fake BB from China for too long now.

    And remember we'd like to be able to purchase the phone with unlock code separately with BB+plan.

    Thank you for reading.

    P/S. If you come to VN and need to hire a staff who is also BB fan, shoot me an email :-)
  • Don Nguyen
    Ever since the first time I laid hands on my BlackBerry Curve 8310, I could never look back to any other phone. Ever since this lovely phone of mines was placed into my hands, as I used it more and more I grew to love it. I love my BlackBerry to no end. It's my computer on the go, it's my map, it's my personal reminder, it's my music player, it's my camera, it's my BlackBerry. I may only be in high school but my phone has helped me oh so many times. From looking up terms to researching a moment in history, I can do it all from my finger tips. Finishing an essay due for English, saving my ass when I forget to print something at home, I love it!

    I never had a smart phone before, and choosing the BlackBerry as my first smart phone was a wonderful choice that I have never regretted. I go to school and I have the vast interwebs at my disposal, I use this in class to get clarification, my friend's use it in order to research, this phone gives me access to the world wide web anywhere I am . Though of course any phone can do this, the experience on the BlackBerry I am quite sure has to be much better than other regular phones out there.

    My BlackBerry being more than just my connection to the vast web also is my newspaper. Never before have I really cared enough to read the news or pay any attention to the news but on my BlackBerry it's so much easier and enjoyable to do. Thank you creators of Viigo, I don't know what I would do without that wonderful application. From BlackBerry news, to the latest gadgets to the latest economic updates it's all there conveinently at my disposal. My BlackBerry keeps me up to date with everything going around in the world, right at my finger tips.

    Now who else could pass by the most wonderful aspect of the BlackBerry which is it's lovely push e-mail. I swear just that alone makes the BlackBerry a winner. Receiving and sending e-mails wherever I go, proof reading essays my friend's have sent me to a funny picture they found on the internet, where ever I am I get to enjoy being connected and never am I alone with my BlackBerry.

    Including with never being alone, I am never lost. GPS is such a lovely, lovely addition to my Curve. No longer do my parents get lost trying to find my friend's house, no longer will I be lost in San Francisco because I have no idea where the hell I am going. Whenever me and my friend's head out on a little trip, I always have my BlackBerry handy with it's GPS; we always get to where we want to go. It's really just reassurance that we're not lost and everything is okay, and well it's just nice to have.

    My friend's love my phone, I notice the first thing people like to mess around with is the scroll ball, I find that very amusing. They're just standing there rolling the scroll ball back and forth, around in a circle, up, down, left and right, sometimes I wonder if they're okay (but seriously that track ball is just fun.) Often my friend's use my phone to look up things on the internet as well, and one of my friends has even grown attached to my Curve and I intend on getting her a BlackBerry too!

    I really don't have enough words to express my extreme love for my BlackBerry, I am a BlackBerry user and I'm never going back. Given a Berry Sophomore year, now an addict Junior year. Yes, that's right. I am a BlackBerry addict, at the age of 15.

    Sorry for the essay/speech, seriously, I love this thing.
  • ian
    I work with a group of criticaly ill patients. My 8700g stores information that I can access on the fly. It can supply me with life support protocols, and drug information in an instant. I have yet to find a device that works as well as it does.
  • Matt
    Dear RIM, maker of the *only* smartphone platform that doesn't piss me off (Yes, M$ and Palm- I'm talking to you)

    You see, I apparently have very high standards for my smartphone. I expect it to work. Without hassle. Without interrupting my life. I expect it to be there when I need it, to remind me of the things I have to it to remind me of, and to otherwise leave me alone.

    This is selfish, and I realize that. But my relationship with both Windows Mobile and PalmOS was an equal give and take. For all that they did for me, I had to spend a lot of time making sure that the OS was still in working order. Patches, hacks, reinstalling the OS because an app I installed to make up for a gross deficiency in the platform suddenly broke something else, or just dealing with a platform that was inherently unstable (You know who you are Palm Treo 750). I'm not interested in putting as much time into supporting my phone as my phone does in supporting me.

    My Blackberry is stable. It does what it is supposed to do, and it doesn't fuss about it. The battery life is incredible, and I can (and have) drop the sucker and it will still work. I still apologize, though.

    I could go on about how my Blackberry helped a wedding reception The story is on Crackberry.com. Short version- Wedding was in the middle of nowhere, the DJ forgot the bride's favorite album, and a friend emailed me the MP3s. I provide dinner music. But any decent smartphone could have done that.

    I could point out how a timely email from my Blackberry allowed me to fix a memory leak in an Ecommerce website, but again, any smartphone had better be able to provide email.

    I could even tell you how my Blackberry got us to a Doro Pesch/Chris Caffery concert in Chicago on time. But GPS, Google Maps, and a data connection are not unique to Blackberry.

    But my Blackberry is absolutely reliable. Windows Mobile is not. The almighty iPhone is still hit-and-miss. Palm is anything but. Why am I not switching? Because in a moment, I'm going to plug in my headphones, and turn on the music player on my Blackberry. And it's just going to work.
  • Dawn Holt
    I am so very Thankful for my Blackberry, it has radically changed the quality of my life! If I am not in bed, I'm in my wheelchair which makes for a dull and confining lifestyle. But now that I have a Blackberry I am not restricted to the confines of home just because my body is! I can now communicate with friends down the street or my friends that have gone to Iraq! Since having a blackberry I am informed by Viigo as to what is going on in the world and then I can take action to the news with my blackberry. It has drastically changed my life and I love it!
  • Dawn Holt
    I am so very Thankful for my Blackberry, it has radically changed the quality of my life! If I am not in bed, I'm in my wheelchair which makes for a dull and confining lifestyle. But now that I have a Blackberry I am not restricted to the confines of home just because my body is! I can now communicate with friends down the street or my friends that have gone to Iraq! Since having a blaacberry I am informed by Viigo as to what is going on in the world and then I can take action to the news with my blackberry. It has drastically changed my life and I love it!
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