Vodafone releases BlackBerry Storm pricing

Vodafone has placed official pricing for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 up on their website. For members of the BlackBerry Nation in North America, the pricing scheme may seem a little unfamiliar. For example, pricing falls into three categories based upon the length of contract (1 year, 18 months, 2 years) with device cost ranging from free (!) to £500 based upon your monthly payment.

You can see the full pricing information at the link below (it’s just to long and varied to easily reproduce). I hope one day North American carriers will introduce a similar pricing scheme. Variety is the spice of life!

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm payment plans

(thanks to SingStar for the tip!)

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  1. 1 Sander

    Vodafone Netherlands also published prices and takes pre-orders as of today. Looks like charges for the plans and phone are a bit better then in the UK. The Storm will be available from November.
    More info (in Dutch): http://www.vodafone.nl/prive/abonnementen/blackberrystorm/Abonnementen

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