Rogers CEO Ted Rogers admitted to hospital (BlackBerry Bytes)

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ted rogersFounder and controlling shareholder of Rogers Communications, Ted Rogers, has been hospitalized for a heart ailment. Rogers, who turned 75 in May, has had heart trouble since the 1980s and will remain in hospital to monitor his health. Stepping in as acting CEO will be Alan Horn, former Rogers CFO and current board chairman.

Despite all the fun we have with Rogers and the Fake Rogers moniker, we wish Mr. Rogers a speedy and quick recovery.

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  • David
    To whom it may concern!!!

    i have a contact with rogers for 2 years and the whole time I been trying to fix the problem of being kick off orconnect is not even ther there 90% of the time and at the time no one told me how to get out of it i was paying for service that i could not get so never used the phone i could not pay but I have ben harassed about 3 times aday vis phone and hpe to clear it up i am with another cell company with 100% better service then rogers I hav trying to tell people why should I have to pay for service I have not recieved correctly so would appreciate yu from stop giving me problems will have it paid in full soon but can not give a date BUT WHY SHOULD I PAY WHEN TE SERVICE NEVER WORKED 90% OF THE TIME !!!!


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