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In the most recent edition of our Nan the Power User editorial series, Nan demonstrated how using Viigo could help reduce your email clutter. Our friend from the South is currently on his honeymoon, but if he was available, I’m sure he’d be spreading the word that Viigo can now help reduce your book clutter through its new e-book service, powered by DailyLit.

The best part about Viigo’s new ebook service is that it contains 25 free books that you can read right now! And we’re not talking about Dan Brown pap here, but classic literature like Moby Dick and Don Quixote.

If you’re interested in brushing up on your classics without having to lug around dusty tomes, you can subscribe to Viigo’s e-book service by downloading BlackBerry Cool To Go. You can read instructions on how to subscribe after the jump.

Are you ready to turn your smartphone in to an e-book reader but don’t want to add another application to your device? If so, Viigo is your answer. Having partnered with Dailylit,, Viigo now provides access to a library of books for free.

To access the new service, click on Entertainment from the home screen and choose “Add Channel”. Select DailyLit from the menu.

On the following page will be a list of 25 free books to choose from.

Once you have selected the books you would like sent to you, return to the Entertainment channel. You can then select the book you would like to begin reading.

Dracula, as you can see in the example below, comes in 187 installments. Installments are a great way to read books when you are busy and on the run.

Installments are delivered daily.

If you have any interest in checking it out, download Viigo onto your device at from your mobile browser or go to for more info.

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