• Sad84
    What kind of rational incentive the participant have as the time nears midnight and the number reaches the limit? ,
  • zod
    I'm having the same problem with downloading the mobile myspace app it doesn't show up on my homescreen. Does anyone know why?
  • jenn
    How come i am not getting any notification being sent to my myspace app on my blackberry. it worked when i first DL it but now it stopped altogether
  • kevin
    I had the same problem when installing myspace mobile, app icon will not appear on the homescreen..
    if anyone has a work around for vzw pearl, please let me know...
  • Velanche
    Just a little update on the notification issue with Facebook.

    Another user who installed Myspace for Blackberry found out that his notifications were disabled when using Facebook. He found that for some strange reason, all of his notifications in Facebook's Account Settings were off. I checked my own, and damn if the same thing didn't happen to me! I don't know how the heck it happened, as I have not touched any of the them. In any event, switching them back on (at least the ones I wanted back on) resolved the issue.

  • Kepics
    It sounds like a lot of BlackBerry users are having some trouble downloading/installing the program. I had a lot of trouble using the OTA download. Once I was finally able to download/install the program, it doesn't appear on the home screen.
  • Velanche
    If you have the Facebook app, be careful. Not sure if it's just me, but the Facebook app stopped updating with statuses, requests, etc. There were at least 10 requests that I had today on the Facebook page, but none of them were sent to my Blackberry.

    I uninstalled the Facebook app, then attempted to download a new copy. So far, I'm unable to download the app either OTA or through RIM's Facebook app page (either getting a 404 error on the BB or an "Under Maintenance" error on the web page.

    Good job, RIM. :-)
  • Arron
    This has to be the nicest looking app I have on my blackberry. The photo viewing is fantastic and smooth, and I love that you can instantly set any photo as your home screen background.
  • CEd
    They could at least have done sth to make music available through this app ;-) no
    Myspace is not Facebook or Linkedin.
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