Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho

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I like Aerize because it aims to do one thing – and do it well: display caller ID-like notifications whenever someone emails or text messages you. It’s especially great when used for SMS because sometimes all you need to see is 1 to 10 words, so it saves time. Still, I have a few qualms with the software.


  • Clean aesthetic
  • Easy setup
  • Especially great for SMS


  • You can only select one option at a time from the only show if menu. You also aren’t given the option to specify any number of email addresses, contacts or groups of contacts that you want to receive notifications from when being messaged or emailed.
  • Sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds after receiving a message for the pop-up notification to display on the home screen.
  • No reply option directly from the pop-up notification. You have to enter your inbox and manually choose to reply.

  • Don
    I have PeekaWho 1.170. It doesn't work on my Curve OS 4.5

    The previous version didn't work either!!! NOT Recommended!
  • Bibi
    I thinkj Aeize looks cleaner and modern. Im trying it on trial for the BB Storm, its looking ok, but sometimes reads error java script. Give it a go however, its working looking at!
  • Arodweb
    PeeKaWho Rocks!!!!!
  • babybug
    I purchased the Aeize for $5 when it was on sale. The program doesnt work anymore after I upgraded my curve to newer 4.5 os. After a few email exchanges with their support, they just disappeared. I just hope PeekaWho will have a better support.
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