Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho

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PeeKaWho is a great little app that emphasizes customizing how the app works rather than how the app looks. I seemed to have some activation problems at the outset (my activation code wouldn’t work for the first few days), but the application corrected itself shortly after. Aesthetically, pop-ups are clean and provide users with just enough detail.


  • Looks decent
  • Functions very well and allows for a significant degree of customization in this area


  • Fonts could be smoother and the pop-ups could use a cleaner, sharper look.


The bottom line: both Aerize Alerts and PeeKaWho look great, work well, and offer a number of features to make viewing emails and SMS messages easier and less time consuming. Looks aside, I still think PeeKaWho offers more in terms of function. Aerize Alerts doesn’t allow you to customize the contacts, phone numbers and email addresses for which you want to receive notifications. PeeKaWho does.

While there is still room for improvement (a reply option directly from the notification, for instance), both pieces of software work well, but I think PeeKaWho takes the crown on this one. It outperformed Aerize Alerts in terms of functionality, and when it comes to software that only does one thing, you can’t afford to skimp.

Click here to buy PeeKaWho now.


Aerize Alerts

  • Don
    I have PeekaWho 1.170. It doesn't work on my Curve OS 4.5

    The previous version didn't work either!!! NOT Recommended!
  • Bibi
    I thinkj Aeize looks cleaner and modern. Im trying it on trial for the BB Storm, its looking ok, but sometimes reads error java script. Give it a go however, its working looking at!
  • Arodweb
    PeeKaWho Rocks!!!!!
  • babybug
    I purchased the Aeize for $5 when it was on sale. The program doesnt work anymore after I upgraded my curve to newer 4.5 os. After a few email exchanges with their support, they just disappeared. I just hope PeekaWho will have a better support.
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