RIM talks BlackBerry Technical Seminar and Network Diagnostic Tool

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Mmm, I can feel it in the air, something special is on its way for BlackBerry developers. It can only be one thing: the latest BlackBerry Developer Newsletter! The latest edition of the DevLetter has Developer Support Guru Mike Kirkup delving into the BlackBerry Technical Seminar we told you about a few days ago and the Network Diagnostic Tool released late last month. You can find the audio below, as well as links to other great Developer Newsletter content.

DB-00568: What Is - Supported versions of Java for different BlackBerry JDE versions
DB-00537: What Is - Appropriate version of the BlackBerry JDE
DB-00031: How To - Get started with the BlackBerry JDE
DB-00396: What Is - Different ways to make an HTTP or socket connection
BlackBerry Java Fundamentals Guide
BlackBerry Java Development Guide


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