StudentDocket v.1.0.809 Reviewed!




StudentDocket packs a number of great features that make this academic scheduler worth picking up:

  • Classes: You can manage all of your classes and relevant information, such as date, time, location, prof, weekly assignments, and more.
  • Professors: Keep all of your prof’s details in one easy-to-use application – their name, office hours and location, and contact information.
  • Assignments and exams: Using the ‘new task’ option, you can schedule all of your assignments and exams, and you can view them by day, week, month and class.
  • Projects: You can add a project as a stand-alone task, or add multiple tasks to a project and check off each one when completed – it even shows the completeness status of each project on the left-hand side of the project on the application’s home screen.

  • Window with a view: You can view all of your classes, tasks and projects in one convenient place, either by month, week, day, x amount of days, or class. When you scroll over tasks and projects, the notes you wrote to yourself within each task, class and project will appear at the bottom of the screen.