StudentDocket v.1.0.809 Reviewed!



The greatest things about StudentDocket is the detail. All of your class information, all of your professors’ information, all of your project, assignment and exam information is displayed in an easy-to-read format, if not right in front of you then one or two clicks away. Being able to view your tasks/classes/projects on a due date basis is critical because, honestly, this is how the majority of students thinks. Setting up reminders for classes, tasks and assignments (which you can set to reoccur weekly, daily, monthly or yearly) is useful when you have a number of tasks you need to complete each day/week/month, and is in this sense a great feature (though you’ll rarely repeat a ‘task’ annually in academia). But the best feature – detail – is also the one that bugs me the most. It takes lots of time to input all of your class, task and project information – at least to make this software worth purchasing. The good news is, once your class and professor information has been entered into StudentDocket, you don’t need to repeat the process until next semester!

  • Great look – displays information in a way that students can metabolize quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Very detailed – offers all of the information students may need to input.


  • Takes time for initial setup.


StudentDocket is an academic scheduler of immeasurable benefit to students, who require a significant degree of organization in order to succeed. There’s plenty of space to input useful information about your profs, classes, and assignments of all kinds. I also really like StudentDocket because it includes all of the general features of the regular calendar that comes with the BlackBerry OS, so you don’t have to use both the calendar and StudentDocket at the same time (though there’s nothing forbidding you from doing this obviously… it just doesn’t seem to make much sense if all of the features are available in one place). Overall, this is a great app and well worth the money and the time it takes to input all of that information.


4.5 out of 5

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