Media Network Roundup: November 24th-28th


Smoke Labs Media Roundup

Getting ready for an afternoon of football, but have nothing to do during halftime? The Smoke Labs Media Network has the cure, with the best news from our WinMo and mobile entertainment blogs in the past week. You can also find a bunch of great BlackBerry Cool content after the jump.

WindowsMobile Cool

Review: Fish Tycoon
Want to watch NBC online but are outside the USA? No problem!
So many ZunePhone rumours, so much denial!


Free iPhone apps and games - huge discounts and savings
Drug dealers cough up the cash for cell phone gun
How to get a carrier-subsidized BlackBerry Bold before you’re eligible for upgrade

The Crazy 48: 50% off BlackBerry Software (’Cool Deals)
Cram v.1.1 Reviewed!
StudentDocket v.1.0.809 Reviewed!
Verizon launches VCAST Music on BlackBerry Storm
Telus BlackBerry Storm: Hands On Impressions

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