BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 Reviewed!


When you open BBSmart Alarms Pro for the first time, you’ll be prompted to setup either a Regular Alarm or a Quick Alarm.

A Quick Alarm is almost like a timer. You can set this alarm to go off in anywhere from 1 to 99 minutes.

Regular Alarms offer many more functions and much more customizability.

You can alter the title of your alarm, handy for setting up multiple alarms in one day. In addition to setting up the time at which your alarm sounds, you can individually select which days of the week you would like the alarm to sound, and whether or not you would like the alarm set on a recurring cycle. You can change the alarm colour as it appears in your alarms menu.

You can also chose from four preloaded sound bites - a piano, a drum beat, a guitar riff or a disco rhythm - or load your own sound files from you device or an SD card. You can also set the frequency with which the alarm repeats (1 time to 100 times to forever), and whether you want the phone to vibrate at the same time. You can even select to silence the alarm when unholstered. And yes, the snooze can be set anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes, so you can squeeze in that extra few minutes of sleep and ensure you aren’t running off somewhere with one half open bloodshot eye.

5 Responses to “BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 Reviewed!”

  1. 1 Shaun Rotman

    Please update your review to indicate that BBSmart Alarms Pro is NOT compatible with the Bold. I’m not too sure about the Storm either but I don’t own one and therefore cannot confirm that. Dozens of threads on various forums online indicate customers annoyance with this issue. The developers have been promising for months that the software would be updated to support the Bold however they have yet to follow through. Many people purchased this application because it is indeed a fantastic piece of software, however the delay in updating it is becoming rather lengthy. If you are a Bold user, please hold off of this application until otherwise indicated in forums. The developers own product page does NOT reflect the correct information for supported OS platforms.

  2. 2 Klotar

    When I read the review today, the first thing I thought was “Wow, they updated it for OS 4.6+! I rushed to download it OTA and found… it still didn’t work. Then I realized that it was a review rather than a new release article… my bad but BBAlarmsPro definitely does not support OS 4.6.

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool

    Sorry for the confusion guys!

    I’ve updated the review to reflect the non OS 4.6+ness

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