New BlackBerry themes: iBerry Neo and Neo Zen

Because it’s a Monday and there looks to be no stopping the bad financial news, I’m going to intersperse the news today with some lighthearted posts so we don’t all throw ourselves off the nearest building. Luckily for us, nothing brightens up the day of the BlackBerry Nation like new BlackBerry themes!

Super popular BlackBerry entertainment company Bplay has updated their incredibly popular iBerry theme with two new variants: iBerry Neo and iBerry Neo Zen. In addition, Bplay has also made two other popular BlackBerry themes available for the BlackBerry Bold: Crossbar and FlowBerry. You can download them at the links below!

Download iBerry Neo Theme
Download iBerry Neo Zen Theme
Download BlackBerry Bold Crossbar Theme
Download BlackBerry Bold FlowBerry Theme

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