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Happy Turkey Day!


Whether it be your family, friends, a new BlackBerry, or something else, everyone has something to be thankful for. I recommend that you spend today not surfing the ‘Net, but with that special someone or something that makes it all worth while for you. Have a safe and happy holiday.

For my Canadian brethren: I will actually be flying to the States today, so expect light posting, but with a Canuck theme. When I touch down in the U.S., I’ll do my best to play catchup. For now, enjoy my hands on Telus BlackBerry Storm impressions.


Telus BlackBerry Storm: Hands On Impressions


After spending some extended time with the Telus BlackBerry Storm, it’s now my pleasure to share my impressions with all the Canuck Storm Chasers out there. Hit the jump to read more about Application Center and OS information, multimedia features, texting, and some price/release date speculation.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Impressions

BlackBerry OS 4.5 now available from No, seriously.


For those of you that have been suffering through the indignity of OS 4.3 on your BlackBerry Curve and Pearl when your friends are rockin’ their BlackBerry Bolds, Pearl Flips and Storms, struggle no more! You’ve patiently waited for the “official version” of the OS and your wait is no more. Unlike what we believed in September,, allows for an official OS 4.5 update. So far, we have confirmed this on Sprint and Verizon.

Let us know in the comments if your carrier is allowing an upgrade to 4.5 as well. Note that using this upgrade requires Internet Explorer. HTML email, geotagging photos and streaming video, here we come (don’t forget in-line spell check, ed.)!

Download OS 4.5 for your BlackBerry


Fraunhofer Institute SIT Certifies BlackBerry Enterprise Solution


Press Release

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology of Germany and RIM today announced the successful completion of an in-depth security analysis performed by Fraunhofer Institute SIT of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for mobile email and data push-services. Fraunhofer Institute SIT confirms the high quality of the security architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and the strong data protection services it provides.

Based on the results, the Fraunhofer Institute SIT project team has issued a security certification of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Exchange. The certificate is based on the functionality, configuration and installation described in certification report 06-104302, which is available at Fraunhofer Institute SIT also confirmed that no hidden functionality or backdoors were found and that RIM and other third parties do not have access to data within the solution. The Fraunhofer Institute SIT certificate is valid until December 2010.

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WES 2009: Early Bird registration begins now!


While some may balk at thinking about WES 2009 before we’ve even reached December 2008, those people probably do not realize that WES is where the BlackBerry ecosystem gets its bread buttered. Besides, the early bird gets the BlackBerry, as the story goes.

RIM has posted a WES 2009 PDF e-brochure and budget planning tool at that outlines the costs of attending WES. More than a price pitch, the PDF is a useful tool to help plan for the total cost of attending WES, including registration fees and estimates for flights and hotel costs.

Registration for WES opens February 2nd, 2009. You must remember to register by March 6, 2009 to receive the Early Bird $400 discount! While you’re at it, you may as well sign up to be notified of the latest WES 2009 announcements. See you at WES 2009!

WES 2009 Sponsorship Prospectus
WES 2009 Budget Planning Tool
WES 2009 e-Brochure

|via BerryReview|

BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 Reviewed!


Alarms Pro

Some of you may remember BBSmart form their HTML Email Viewer – another great product we reviewed earlier this year. Well back in April, they released their Alarms Pro app – a huge step up from the default alarm app provided by the BlackBerry OS.

Well, if you’re thinking of buying yourself that $30.00 alarm clock radio at The Source, think again. BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 allows you to set multiple alarms for multiple days with multiple sounds, saving you multiple dollars. Multiple.

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