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Telus BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste


Something all BlackBerry users are interested in, and apparently something iPhone users will never get, is the BlackBerry Storm’s copy and paste functionality. While playing with the Telus BlackBerry Storm today, I had to record a video of how simple it is. I really enjoy how the copy and cut options pop up on the bottom of the screen once you’ve made your text selection. Why can’t Apple figure this out?


BlackBerry Storm vs. BlackBerry Bold Camera


As a proponent of ‘blogging from your BlackBerry’, one of the features of my BlackBerry Bold that really lets me down is the camera. Even though it is vastly superior to previous BlackBerry models, it’s not quite web-tech blog quality. Obviously, one of the first things I did when I sat down with the Telus BlackBerry Storm was a camera comparison.

As you can see, the BlackBerry Storm easily outperforms the Bold’s camera. Not only does it have 3.2Mpx to the BlackBerry Bold’s 2.oMpx, but autofocus capability (which is great considering my infamous shaky hand syndrome) and a much broader dynamic color and light range. This picture was also taken in low-light conditions, something the Bold has never been too good at, but the Storm doesn’t disappoint.

You can see each individual image after the jump for a more thorough comparison. Both pictures were taken on ‘superfine’ quality with flash set to ‘auto’.

BlackBerry Camera Comparison Photos

Telus BlackBerry Storm launching with Arts and Crafts music and videos


Hello, BlackBerry Nation! I apologize for the light posting today, but there was a very good reason: I was in Toronto spending some hands on time with the Telus BlackBerry Storm. There’s a lot of things to write about, but I thought I’d start with something that excites me as a Canadian and music fan. Like its Verizon counterpart, the Telus BlackBerry Storm will launch with a packed-in 8GB MicroSD card. However, that SD card will be filled with music and music videos from renowned Canadian label Arts and Crafts.

The Arts and Crafts label features some of the best new Canadian musicians, such as Feist and Broken Social Scene. Here’s a list of of which Canadian artists are confirmed to come on the Telus BlackBerry Storm:

Broken Social Scene
The Stills
Kevin Drew
Jason Collett
Brendan Canning

The image above is taken from Brendan Canning’s “Churches Under The Stairs” video. You can watch the video after the jump and see how Canning, Kevin Drew and the rest of the Broken Social Scene crew looks on the BlackBerry Storm (read: very good).

Telus BlackBerry Storm Arts and Crafts music

Palm set for layoffs amidst declining enterprise sales


Palm employs around 1,050 people in its organization but that number is soon to be smaller. The company is experiencing a serious decline in enterprise sales which could be the reason for the layoffs. Reuters explains:

According to data released Thursday by ChangeWave, only 5 percent of companies plan to buy a Palm smartphone in the next quarter, half the figure from a year ago. By contrast, 78 percent of corporations planned to buy a RIM device and 22 percent an iPhone.

So for all the problems that Palm is experiencing, RIM seems safe from all the economic woes discussed.



Bell cuts 250 clerical jobs in Canada



If you’re looking for good wireless industry news, I’m sorry to report that it’s looking somewhat grim today. Adding to a long list of companies that have been going through massive layoffs, Bell has slashed 250 clerical jobs in Hamilton, Ont., Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada are outraged over the layoffs and believe they are tied to outsourcing.



John Garcia resigns as President of Sprint’s CDMA division



It seems the idea of the captain going down with the ship is lost on Mr. Garcia who has resigned from the post of President of the CDMA network division. The news came last Friday amidst constant talk about Sprint’s ever declining revenues and increasing layoffs. Keith Cowan, currently Sprint’s President of strategy and corporate development, will replace Garcia until a new permanent hire can be made.