Telus BlackBerry News: Storm release date, new Pearls

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Our friends over at BlackBerry Sync have a bundle of Telus BlackBerry news today. First up is a possible release date for the BlackBerry Storm 9530: November 17th. If the dates from our BlackBerry Storm launch roundup are correct, that would place Telus’ launch less than a week ahead of Canadian nemesis Bell.

In addition, Telus will be introducing red and blue colored BlackBerry Pearl 8130s sometime next month. You can see an image of what they’ll look like after the jump.

(via BBSync)

6 Responses to “Telus BlackBerry News: Storm release date, new Pearls”

  1. 1 rain

    just confirmed: release date is early in jan/09 :(

  2. 2 sunny

    no the release date will beb efore chirstmas and bell has added the storm and the price of the storm to their website, via the select a phone options.

  3. 3 snow

    Rain is correct, the storm will NOT be released before christmas, unfortunately!

  4. 4 matt

    the black berry storm was released today by telus and the 15th for bell

  5. 5 Mark F.

    So I sign on to be part of the STORM watch on the Telus web-site a few weeks back. This morning I get an email saying the STORM has been released. I frantically call *611 and they tell me it was released yesterday as a matter of fact but I won’t find one because the storms were sold out across Canada in 1 1/2 hrs……WTF!!! So, like a mad man I start driving around to all the Telus outlets in my area and I keep getting this whole story on how they were sold out so quick and the new batches are only coming out in January sometime. If you ask me I think Telus is just trying to hype this up to the max and advertise the hell out of it and make people feel they lost out on such a great buy. Whether this is all true or not, I’m still hurting.

  6. 6 Mark F.

    Will a Verizon Storm work on the Telus network?

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