Verizon hosting private BlackBerry Storm sale, we want in

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No fair, Verizon. You’ve been hyping up the BlackBerry Storm 9530 with ‘leaks‘ and teaser videos ever since CTIA in September. You have the whole country crawling over themselves trying to find a solid release date for the Storm (which you cruelly refuse to provide us) so they can have it on day one, and yet you choose to offer a ‘private sale’ featured the ‘best prices’ for your ‘most valued customers’?

This is a pretty outrageous gesture and the entire BlackBerry Cool staff has only one thing to say to you: are we invited? Please and thank you.

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  • Losman
    Don't worry the Private sale was a bust. The Storm wasn't available for pre-sale or anything. They pissed more people off than anything. Their attempt to get people in their store had to be a disaster. They only had their phones that are not selling for big discount. These are the phone that will rust in their warehouse come the 21st when Storm is finally out for sale. It was nothing more than bait and switch... just like your local camera stores in NYC. I can't believe Verizon has lowered themselves to these tactics.
  • andre
    to be a vip you just got to have a 79.99 plan thats been paid on time for at least 3 months
  • NA
    If you noticed, everyone stopped talking about this when the release was confirmed for the 21st. (now on the VW website)
    If you seriously would be willing to give up your service because at most you'd have to wait 4 more days for your device then you must have other issues.
    At this point if you want an iPhone, get an iPhone but if you've waited this long it sounds (and forgive me but) kind of stupid to jump ship now.
    I've been with Verizon for 10 years and didn't get an invite either. Don't think it has anything to do with long-term single account holders. Think it's more like business accounts and serious early adopters who pick up new phones every 6 months to a year.
  • T
    I've been with VZW since they were Bell Atlantic Mobile. My contract is up and I haven't been invited to the VIP event. I've been leaning hard towards getting an iPhone. If I called up VZW and said "vip invite or I'm switching to AT&T"; would they give me the invite or let me walk?
  • K
    I got this invite too. It's nothing "VIP" about it. I signed up on the Verizon website to be kept posted on information regarding the storm. You just gotta be on top of things.
  • Huh?
    how do you get an invite?
  • murphy tha dog
    I got my invite, but its shady since the store reps don't know if they will have the phone by then or not. I'm completely setup for disappointment on Monday. @Caspan, I already don't care about your comment :)
  • Caspan
    Stop whining its just a device 2 weeks after you and everyone else gets it you wont care anymore. I know its great and all but man, consumers and so self indulged with this crap... it will not make your life better it wont make your girlfriend like you better, you will be a geek still but with a big screen. Just stop whining about it.
  • aviationwiz
    Uggh, VZW is *REALLY* good at pissing off customers. JUST RELEASE THE THING TO EVERYONE ALREADY!!!
  • NA
    Anyway to get in on this?
  • addictedtoBB
    You mean I got invited and you didn't? How did that happen?
  • Gaget
    Hmmmm.... if true, that makes me sick to my stomach. A feeling comes over me and a uncontrollable urge to leave verizon to some service provider that treats people equally dispite thier differences.
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