NotNow v.1.1 Reviewed!




NotNow allows you to ignore calls AND send a friendly text message to the caller. You can select from a number of preloaded SMS text messages or create your own.

To use NotNow, you simply enter the preferences pane (by pressing the menu button within the app) and check off the ‘Always ask to send a friendly message’ option. You can also set NotNow to activate only if a call is of a certain length, and allot a specific time in which you would like the NotNow pane to disappear once you receive and ignore a call. AND, make sure you check off the ‘Always send to Mobile number’ option, unless the receiver has text-to-voice on his or her home phone, or if you want to manually find the number you’d like the SMS to be sent to (which takes longer)!

When you receive a call, click the ignore button and the NotNow pane – asking you which SMS message you’d like to send to the caller – will appear. Select the message you’d like to send, and that’s it! If you haven’t selected the ‘Always send to Mobile number’ option, NotNow will ask you to manually select the number from your address book, then ask you what message you’d like sent.