Datepedia v.1.0.3 for BlackBerry Curve 83xx, 88xx Series Reviewed!




On your device, click on the OTA download link provided in the confirmation email after purchasing the application from our online store.

Click ‘download’, and Datepedia should download and automatically install onto your device.

Once installed, click on the Datepedia icon located in your applications menu.

When you open Datepedia for the first time, the program will take a few moments to configure. After a few moments, you should find yourself at the main Datepedia screen where you can chose to export any number of national, civic or religious holidays into your BlackBerry Calendar. You can even add your own event to export.

Adding events is pretty simple. You begin by finding the holiday you wish to export, which is done by selecting the type of holiday, then the country. I chose New Years Eve.

Clicking specifically on the holiday you wish to export will prompt Datepedia to show you a calendar image in month view with the day of the holiday highlighted.

Pushing the select button will bring up a menu which asks you if you want to go back, delete, hide or export the event. Once you click ‘export’, the event will automatically be added to your calendar as an event.