McCain Campaign Sells Info-Rich BlackBerry to FOX News Reporters


Chalk this one up under ‘should have read the manual.’ It seems as though the McCain-Palin campaign accidentally sold BlackBerrys with confidential information during the liquidation of old campaign office inventory. Here’s what FOXNews is reporting:

The hottest item? BlackBerry phones at $20 a piece. There were only 10 left. All of the batteries had died. There were no chargers for sale. But people were snatching them up. So we bought a couple — and ended up with a lot more than we bargained for.

When we charged them up in the newsroom, we found one of the $20 BlackBerry phones contained more than 50 phone numbers for people connected with the McCain-Palin campaign, as well as hundreds of e-mails from early September until a few days after election night.

We traced the BlackBerry back to a staffer who worked for “Citizens for McCain,” a group of Democrats who threw their support behind the Republican nominee. The e-mails contain an insider’s look at how grassroots operations work, full of scheduling questions and rallying cries for support.

I guess the McCain-Palin team hasn’t heard of SmrtGuard. Whoops. Thanks for the tip, @muerl!