CSL launches the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 in Hong Kong

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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

I have a friend or two living in Hong Kong, and when I ask them about the local smartphone culture (yes, I bother them with such things), they always tell me that Hong Kongers just loves themselves some flip phones. It makes sense, then, that CSL and RIM have teamed up to launch the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 in Hong Kong today.

“CSL has long been a carrier partner of RIM, bringing various BlackBerry smartphones to Hong Kong,” said Mr. Aenil Premji, Chief Marketing Officer of CSL. “With the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip smartphone, we are happy to continue to work with RIM to bring more choice of BlackBerry models to customers.”

The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is now available at 1O1O centres and one2free shops for $3688 straight up. Those looking for more information can head to 1010’s website or the BlackBerry Pearl Flip page below.

1010’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip page

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