Best Buy places Telus BlackBerry Storm availability at December 8th

Best Buy Canada has placed a flyer on their website advertising the Telus BlackBerry Storm for $250 on a 3-year plan with a launch date of December 8th (Monday!). Continuing with the checkout process changes the estimated release date to December 31st, and tacks on another $50 to the purchase, but I’ll chalk this up to sales information that is not fully updated pre-launch.

You can pre-order the Telus BlackBerry Storm from Best Buy’s online site, but purchases appear to be available in-store only. Click the link below for more information. Regardless of whether or not December 8th is the launch date, I’d recommend that all Canadian Storm Chasers pay special attention to BlackBerry Cool on the 8th for the latest word.

Best Buy Telus BlackBerry Storm

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2 Responses to “Best Buy places Telus BlackBerry Storm availability at December 8th”

  1. 1 mike

    From best buy’s website looks like the release date is: “Releases 31 Dec/08. ” Which looks to be Dec 31, 2008. Same thing on Futureshop’s website.

  2. 2 wondering

    spoke to 4 telus dealers yesterday - they told me the release is on the 15th and 3 of the stores I spoke to said they were getting only 2 storms shipped to them and the fourth said they are getting 5. Available to mass public in the new year!

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