First Look! WHERE GPS application launches for BlackBerry Bold

WHERE is a popular location-based application that uses your BlackBerrys GPS capabilities to deliver essential information about what’s around you (e.g. where is the nearest Starbucks?). On Monday, WHERE will be launching support for the BlackBerry Bold. We’re not supposed to be letting you know until then, but we were able to find the helpful YouTube video above describing how to use WHERE on your BlackBerry Bold, and we couldn’t wait. If the video isn’t enough, check out the link below for more information.

WHERE for BlackBerry

7 Responses to “First Look! WHERE GPS application launches for BlackBerry Bold”

  1. 1 Bradley

    They encourage you to download it today in the video. Tried, unfortunately its not the version for the Bold. I’ll try again some other day.

  2. 2 jarbro

    I tried downloading it and I never would recieve the sms from the site w/ a download link… Maybe tomorrow? Are they running EST, PST or GMT?

  3. 3 AT

    I’m a bb newbie, so stupid question. When I go to the where website, I see that the storm isn’t there for an available download. Can you get the bolds version on the storm to work? Or do you have to wait for a storm specific one to work correctly?

  4. 4 CCmaine from WHERE

    Bradley & Jabro- The Bold WHERE app is ready to go, please let me know if you are having any issues downloading.

    AT - We are working on a version for the Storm and it will be available shortly. Will keep you posted.


  5. 5 Al

    I tried 3 times using the website, but have not received the SMS yet. 3 days in a row. Must not be working.

  6. 6 Grommit55

    tried to download a few times on My bold and could not get it to work… there some other way to get it to work?

  7. 7 ccmaine

    Hi AL - Any chance you are outside the US? WHERE is currently only available in the US.

    Grommit55 - Where did you download the application from? What errors are you getting?

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