Telus BlackBerry Storm Application Center - it does exist!

Well colour me wrong. In my Telus BlackBerry Storm unboxing post, I mentioned that my Storm did not feature the BlackBerry Application Center. It appears I was only half right: while my Storm did not contain the aforementioned App Center, the video above proves that it did launch with the device yesterday.

I’ve contacted Telus and they’re not sure what the problem is (possibly that my Storm was activated before launch?), as I was the first to call in. Of course, the Storm has only been out for a day in Canada, and many new users might not even know what the App Center is to miss it. Post a comment and let us know if your Telus (or Bell) Storm came with the Application Center.

Special thanks to Greg for the video!

6 Responses to “Telus BlackBerry Storm Application Center - it does exist!”

  1. 1 Salinger

    Cool, though I’d have thought on the Canadian version it’d be called the “Application Centre”

  2. 2 justcallmed

    My storm’s aplication centre was almost empty when I got the phone. After I connected it to my PC it did an update and alot of aplications were loaded such as BB Maps and such.

  3. 3 Bla1ze

    Every device comes loaded with the application just some devices you have to refer to it as lmao!! :P
    Here’s to hoping RIM shapes it up and makes GOOD use of the app center soon, cause is looking really frack’n lame as of late, all these new devices and sweet frack all for em. Not even any themes for the Bold yet? Just some link to bPlay, colour me unimpressed.

  4. 4 Mike

    When is Telus going to get MMS for god sakes..

  5. 5 Khb

    I just got my hands on a blackberry storm in the Greater Montreal Area and it does not have the “Application Center”. I am actually wondering what to do…

  6. 6 Tom

    My Telus STORM has the menu option for the Application Centre but is only currently populated with FREE apps you can get on the BB mobile site: Facebook; Yahoo Messenger; Google Talk; Windows Live Messenger and MySpace. I assume that the app store will officially launch in March of 2009 if rumours are correct.

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