Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS 4.7 Upgrade (Probably) Coming Today!

UPDATE: I’ve just successfully downloaded OS using Verizon’s desktop download link. It now appears as though the OTA update will happen at 9:30 pm PST. Keep your fingers crossed or run to the nearest PC.

Forget the email notification Verizon sent out earlier this week, word is spreading fast around the Internets that Verizon is set for a massive official OS 4.7 update for the BlackBerry Storm. Here’s what we ‘know’ so far:

    Verizon should be rolling out an OTA update around 12 noon (EST or PST? Good question.) PLEASE NOTE that an OTA upgrade will only work for BIS users as this feature is not BES supported.

    Around 6pm, Verizon will have a desktop download of the 4.7 OS available at:

Our boy Kevin has nabbed some “official sounding verbiage” regarding issues that the OS update will clean up on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. You can find that info after the jump. The Storm Hunt continues!

The following issues have been addressed in OS 4.7

    * Device may reset intermittently while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications
    * User may experience one-way audio (incoming audio is muted) when using voice activated dialing
    * When listening to music on low volume while wearing wired headphones, the volume of the music will increase to the highest level when the user receives an incoming call
    * Improvements in display performance in terms of switching between landscape and portrait modes and keys displaying correctly
    * Improvements in performance for multimedia capabilities such as video, music and MMS
    * Improvements in bluetooth audio performance in certain scenarios

14 Responses to “Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS 4.7 Upgrade (Probably) Coming Today!”

  1. 1 Ryan

    What is a BIS user vs. a BES?

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool

    Good question, Ryan!

    BIS user = you purchase your BlackBerry and service from a carrier (e.g. Verizon), and they handle all your BlackBerry goodness.

    BES user = for corporate users, your BlackBerry is hooked into your company’s exchange server and run by their IT department.

    BIS = BlackBerry Internet Service
    BES = BlackBerry Enterprise Service

    There’s way more to it than that, but that will get you started.

  3. 3 Ryan

    Great thanks!

  4. 4 Howard

    Does anyone know when we’re going to get an OS upgrade for the 8830? I really want streaming video….


  5. 5 Jeff

    I purchased my phone myself, but it is set up with exchange. I manage every other aspect, so I have to download the update myself. Any word that the download will be available for Macs? I am a BES user with a Mac.

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool


    You’re boned. Find a friend with a PC and a copy of desktop manager.

    Also, while you’re at it, make sure to check out our OS UPDATE HOW TO:

  7. 7 Jeff

    thanks for your frankness!

  8. 8 Dave

    when will the upgrade be available for the BES

  9. 9 BlackBerry Cool


    You’ll be able to use the desktop manager to upgrade if you are a BES user. Please keep in mind that after you update your OS, you will have to reactivate the BES connection.

  10. 10 Bryan

    1215 EST and check for update still giving “no upgrades available”. At least the link to check showed up after logging into BIS and resending service books. And the waiting game begins…

  11. 11 BlackBerry Cool

    Hey guys, the desktop download option works! Also, we’ve heard new information that the OTA update will happen at 9:30 pm PST (pretty late for us on the East Coast).

    Keep your fingers crossed!

  12. 12 addictedtoBB

    I’m with Howard…where is my 8830 upgrade?? There are a number of issues to be addressed.

  13. 13 jibby89

    are the phones that are getting shipped out soon going to have the newer software in it already?

  14. 14 M

    Got my Blackberry Storm Monday, Dec 8th. It had been shipped overnight fedex on 12/7 with the original sw. I downloaded and installed the desktop manager and upgraded the phone with no problem. Then, transferred address book, calendar, etc from treo 700w with no problem.

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