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If there is one thing that bothers me to no end about my BlackBerry Storm, it is the extreme difficulty in using it as a phone. It’s not because of call quality, which is great, or problems with dialing phone numbers via the SureTouch screen. It’s because the freaking screen doesn’t lock during a call, causing you to often accidentally hang up or mute your call. Extremely frustrating!

Thankfully, there is an application in beta right now that corrects RIM’s poor design choice. Called TalkLock, the application prevents users from accidentally pressing the screen and launching programs or functions while talking on the Storm. Disabling the lock and returning to normal phone behavior is done by swiping your finger across the screen from left to right at any time. Yes, it’s just that simple.

Purchase TalkLock for the BlackBerry Storm for $2.95.

[ED NOTE: TalkLock is no longer in the Beta testing phase and the company is now charging for the app.]

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TalkLock Features

* Automatically runs after installation, and on each reboot
* Automatically activates after phone calls are connected
* Automatically hides when phone calls are completed
* Manual unlock with “slide to unlock” function
* Menu item to re-engage lock after unlock
* Customizeable backround image (uses /home/user/TalkLock-Background.png if it exists under Device Memory)

  • Kwavon
    This is no longer free! Booooooo!!!!
  • Mike
    this application is perfect and yeah it doesn't kick in when u receive a call but u can press the menu button and lock it.

    so it kicks in when u make a c all but not when u recieve but you can easily lock it form the menu button.
  • Jon
    This application works great for out going calls but if you receive a call this application will not kick in, and you can still press buttons with your cheek while talking to the person. So be warned.
  • don
    downloaded it but did not prompt me to allow phone priviledges...error message "api denied" how can i fix this
  • PaulGTA
    Definately a needed app.

    Since I have installed it on 2 occasions I've had people call me or vice versa... and I can hear them but they cant hear me!!... weird!
  • Joel
    This was a desperately needed application. I was constantly putting people on mute, speaker, or hanging up on them. RIM should have included this functionality from the start IMHO.
  • anthony
    is this talk lock beta is it really free free what is the catch .100% free how much is this is this going to be on the phone for ever or will u have to re do it in a month or so.
  • rlmtechie
    Keep getting Service Unavailable when I click on the link.
  • lydia
    Needed it!!!!!!
  • PC

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